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Capricorn Drive Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, Cape Town 7948, Western Cape, South Africa


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Our intention at Soaring Free Superfoods based in Cape Town is to provide you with the fuel to nourish your body from the inside out, activate your dreams and embrace a life without limits.

Soaring Free Superfoods was started in 2006 by Peter & Beryn Daniel when virtually no-one in South Africa knew what a goji berry was or had heard about raw chocolate, let alone the wide and wonderful range of Superfoods that have now become powerful daily sources of nutrition for so many.

As founders of the Superfoods movement in Southern Africa, chefs, authors and health educators they have pioneered a whole new way of thinking about food and nutrition by bring ‘nutritious and delicious’ together.


Something has happened to our food system over the past few decades creating the return to these ancient healing foods. Food has changed: it is no longer nourishing enough to keep us well-tuned and energized for our fast-paced lifestyles.

- Farming has changed so radically in the last 70 years that what is now accepted as food usually has little semblance to what we have eaten for generations before.

- Chemical agriculture has depleted soils of essential minerals, resulting in food that looks good, but is severely lacking in nutritional density.

- Increasing use of toxic biocides also exposes people to poisons that the human body has never before been exposed to.

- Big food companies process this inferior food into highly refined products, which they label as ‘food’ and we consume as ‘food’, but does nothing to nourish us like real food.

- Disease rates continue to rise as most people’s nutrient balances are severely depleted from decades of eating nutrient-deficient foods.

- Western civilization is over-fed but under-nourished.


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Capricorn Drive Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, Cape Town 7948, Western Cape, South Africa

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