Simply Bee Facial Gift Pack Normal/dry Skin

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Simply Bee Facial Gift Pack Normal/dry Skin

Cleansing Cream

Our rich, sulphate-free facial cleanser is made with a gentle, yet effective plant-based cleansing complex, featuring rosewater and castor oil.

Facial Toner

Our Facial Toner gently completes the cleansing of the skin, removing any impurities that is left after using the cleanser as well as balancing pH levels.

Propolis Serum

Propolis Serum is a rich micro-emulsified serum for your skin. This micro-emulsified serum contains a high concentration of Propolis from the Fynbos of the West Coast. We enrich this serum with Neroli essential oil. There are over 50 different flavonoids in propolis. Propolis are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin P found in Rutin. Suitable for all skin types.

Anti-age cream

Pure Fynbos Honey Anti-Ageing Cream is a rich nourishing cream that works all day long.

Night cream

This is a super-saturated, emollient cream for skin that needs a rich formula. Full of shea butter, beeswax and essential oils.


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