Plant Medicine: Affordable Mind & Body Wellness

 388 Albert Road, Cape Town 7915, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa 388 Albert Road, Cape Town 7915, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa - Map Directions
4 December 2019
 061 771 9740
70 ZAR
Health & Wellness
Empower yourself and your family with Natural Solutions to physical and emotional challenges that many people face, but feel they have no alternative to mainstream magic pills. (Either register online or Pay R70 at the door)

At this event, we will be:
(1) Going over your current physical/ emotional challenges.
(2) Sharing specific oils that can assist you, and sharing how to use them on your body and in your home.
(3) Experiencing the oils by smelling them, applying them to the body, and raising the frequency in the room.
(4) Giving you the opportunity to order a kit for your home, so that you can begin implementing this knowledge in your everyday life.


Amy Lyn Widmer is a lover of our Highest Potential. Over the last 25 years, she has been on a mission to dig deep into unanswered questions about health and well-being. Results from a childhood surgery and long-term prescribed antibiotics left her with challenges that were not solved or answered by mainstream medicine or media. This resulted in taking matters into her own hands. Over two decades of determined wellness research, life experience, and detoxification training brought her to a place of realizing that EVERY aspect of our lives is affected by what we put into our bodies and the deep-seated emotional roots that are often attached. Amy has a life-long determination to assist in revealing the reality of our Highest Potential by removing obstructions within the body and leaving a clear pathway for flow and abundance in every area of our lives.

Amy has built an international team of teachers and customers around the world, with over 18,000 households not implementing these oils into their lives. She is a Blue Diamond level Wellness Advocate and Trainer in the world of doTERRA, and has a passion to help others free themselves from the limiting beliefs that bring them to accept anything less than their FULL POTENTIAL. This includes the area of their health, as well their opening to creating financial abundance.

** Doors will open at 18:30, and we will begin at 19:00.

** Tickets (R70) will be available at the door. It is not required to register online in order to come to the event.
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