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7 December 2019
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Are dreams merely part of the sleep cycle or do they have another purpose?

Dreams are the process of processing your daily experiences.
Dreams are one way the unconscious speaks to us.
Dreams don’t communicate in a direct, logical manner.
Dreams communicate to us in symbols.

If you’re ready to enrich and transform your life through understanding your dreams, allow me to accompany, support and guide you on your way through this informative talk.

Date: Saturday 7 December
Time: 10h00-12h00
(please arrive at 09h45 for a 10h00 start)
Price: R75

Contact Lauren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +27617719740 for more information

About Rita:

Have you ever had that feeling of making the same mistake over and over? Or that feeling you are meeting the same person over and over? That was me! From hero to zero took me 52 years. From zero to hero took me 12 months!

I started a new life and so my journey as an integrative coach started. It was unlearning and re-learning. It was discovering “Who am I”. This process was difficult. I had to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. There was no place to hide. Dreams played a huge role in this discovering process. Dreams helped me to connect with my emotions, probably the most neglected “thing” in modern-day life. Dreams helped me to understand the chaos in my heart, the chaos in my thoughts and the chaos in my behaviour.

The integrative coaching model is an all-encompassing holistic approach rather than an exclusive or reductive approach. As a coach, I have a toolbox that comprises various tools and “exploring your dreams” is just one of them!

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