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Elephant Juice crystal infused water bottles are amazing healing and wellness tools. They integrate the healing energy of crystals into your body, soul and mind.

Our crystal infused water bottles work on a molecular and vibrational level. They transfer the energetic frequencies and properties of crystals into water.

Benefits of crystal therapy

Crystals naturally vibrate at a frequency that restructures or "wakes up" water boosting its alkalinity (pH) and raising its oxygenation.  When water is added to the bottle, the energy and the vibration from the crystal are transferred into the water.  The result is enlivened water with qualities comparable to spring water. The smoother/softer mouthfeel makes for a refreshing taste experience and improved hydration for the body.

Here's what we believe… 

We believe in lovelovelove – if you mouth the words Elephant Juice  in front of a mirror– it looks like you’re saying I Love You.  Here at Elephant Juice, we regard love as the cure and magic to heal, help and do what only love can do. 

Self love and preservation is the pinnacle of our existence … if we are able to be in harmony with ourselves and we’re able to love ourselves - this will positive vibration will manifest itself in all aspects of our life.  

Elephant Juice … We love you


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